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Table 4 Total difficulties score among three groups of school-age children after controlling for socio-demographics

From: Mental health status compared among rural-to-urban migrant, urban and rural school-age children in Guangdong Province, China

CovariatesUnstandardized coefficientsp
βStd. Error
Constant14.1641.095< 0.001***
Groups of children (vs. Urban children)
 Migrant children1.2350.5450.024*
 Rural children1.4280.7160.046*
Gender (vs. Male)
Age (vs.11–13)
Insurance status (vs. Uninsured)
 Insured−3.6180.661< 0.001***
Father’s education level (vs. Primary education or less)
 Secondary education1.6280.7350.027*
Mother’s education level (vs. Primary education or less)
 Secondary education−0.9820.6070.106
Living with parents (vs. Yes)
Communicating with parents (vs. Often)
 Seldom−1.7530.472< 0.001***
Monthly household income (RMB) (vs. Less than 3000)
 No less than 3000−2.3990.472< 0.001***
Family climate (vs. Satisfactory)
Getting on well with teachers (vs. Yes)
School achievement (vs. Good)
  1. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01, ***p < 0.001