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Table 5 AUC values of the subscales and total risk score of CFRA (including categorization) in predicting future reports of child maltreatment

From: Detection of unsafety in families with parental and/or child developmental problems at the start of family support

  AUC (95 % C.I.)
Neglect scale CFRA  
 Total score .669 (.537-.801)
 Categorized score: low, moderate, high, very high .653 (.530-.776)
Abuse scale CFRA  
 Total score .716 (.596-.836)
 Categorized score (low, moderate, high, very high) .719 (.610-.829)
Total risk score CFRA  
 Total score (sum of risk score neglect and risk score abuse) .719 (.603-.835)
 Categorized score (low, moderate, high, very high) .693 (.589-.797)