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Table 5 Exploratory multivariate analyses of medication on change in mental state domains

From: Skating on thin ice: pragmatic prescribing for medication refractory schizophrenia

  Appearance and behaviour Abnormal belief Abnormal perception Affect Speech and thought
Clozapine monotherapy 0.0012 0.0004 0.0080 0.0260 0.0031
Clozapine & quetiapine 0.0086 0.0267 - - -
Clozapine & lamotrigine - - - - 0.0136
Quetiapine & valproate 0.0389 - - - -
  1. Values indicate the p-values of the drug combination as predictor for change in categorical mental state variable at discharge (only those surviving FDR correction at the q = 0.20 level are shown). Bold values indicate medication (combination) associations with mental state domain where improvement above the group average was found (i.e. patients on this combination would be more likely to be in the above average category for improvement). Italicised values show the same information but where the highest probability was for the “average” change category. Underlined values show where the medication (combination) was associated with a worse than average change in that mental state domain