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Figure 2

From: Predicting general criminal recidivism in mentally disordered offenders using a random forest approach

Figure 2

Average partial OOB ensemble mortality (OOBEM, i.e. a hazard-rate) as function of A) prior convictions, B) kind of index offences committed, C) age at index offence, D) diversity of criminal history, and E) substance abuse (according to WHO ICD-10). The variables are ordered by importance. The average partial ensemble mortality is predicted by the Random Survival Forest. All effects are adjusted for one another. dngr: danger to public safety, drugs: violation of narcotic laws, freedm: illegal restraints, life.limb: Offence against life and limb other than homicide, misc: miscellaneous offences, harm: assault, kill: homicide, prpty: property crimes, robb: robbery, sex: sex offence.

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