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Table 7 List of topics for standard treatment individual sessions during Intensive Treatment phase.

From: Design and methods for a randomized clinical trial treating comorbid obesity and major depressive disorder

Session # Standard Treatment Content
1 Body Composition Analyses
2 Vitamins for Women: Making sense out of vitamins
3 Menopause: Your survival guide
4 Breast self-exams: Learn how (and why) to perform a breast self-exam regularly
5 Sexual health
6 Skin health: Have your UV photo taken
7 Bone health
8 Footwear for physical activity: Those aching feet
9 Back pain: Oh, my aching back
10 Heartburn and GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease)
11 Arthritis
12 Alcohol safety: should I be drinking to my health
13 Dementia: Forget where you put your keys again
14 Heart attack: How do I know if I'm having one
15 Home safety
16 Going green
17 What every woman should know about finances
18 Dress for your body type