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Table 4 The Generic Short Patient Experiences Questionnaire scores at 12 to 31-years follow-up

From: Cognitive behavioral group therapy for panic disorder in a general clinical setting: a prospective cohort study with 12 to 31-years follow-up

ItemsNot at allTo a small extentTo a moderate extentTo a large extentTo a very large extentNot applicable
Did the clinicians talk to you in a way that was easy to understand?00126310
Do you have confidence in the clinicians’ professional competence?00114430
Did you get sufficient information about your diagnosis/your afflictions?00526270
Did you perceive the treatment you received as suited to your situation?00421330
Were you involved in any decisions regarding your treatment?02621281
Did you perceive the institution’s work as well organized?00124312
Do you believe that you were in any way given the wrong treatment (according to your own judgment)?4941103
Overall, were the help and treatment you received at the institution satisfactory?10117361
 NoYes, but not so longYes, quite longYes, much too longNot applicable
Did you have to wait before you were admitted for services at the institution?272531 0
 No benefitSmall benefitSome benefitGreat benefitHuge benefitNot applicable
Overall, what benefit have you had from the care at the institution?01320330
  1. The results are presented as the distribution in scores according to the crude numbers of patients on the different answer categories (number of patients ranging from 56 to 58)