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Table 4 Comparisons of the urge and likelihood of substance abuse between two groups using Mixed Model Analysis

From: The impact of motivational interviewing on relapse to substance use among women in Iran: a randomized clinical trial

 Before interventionAfter interventionFDFP
Intervention (n = 30)Control (n = 30)Intervention (n = 30)Control (n = 30)   
Mean (SD)Mean (SD)Mean (SD)Mean (SD)   
Probability of substance abuse3.33 (0.67)3.27 (0.34)0.60 (0.41)2.91 (0.32)2230.1563, 150.001
Desire for substance abuse3.17 (0.60)3.52 (1.06)0.58 (0.23)3.05 (0.41)749.3979, 770.001