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Table 1 Drivers for change themes

From: Possibilities for the future of global mental health: a scenario planning approach

Drivers for change
• Advances in technology
• Climate change
• Rising political instability
• Increasing urbanisation
• Increasing national economic growth (e.g. middle-income becoming high-income country)
• Countries becoming more inward-looking and nationalist
• Poorer international relations and reduced international collaboration
• Increasing war and conflict
• Increasing universality of languages
• Increasing migration
• Rising role of big data
• Widening social and economic inequalities within countries
• Other global health challenges becoming more important (e.g. Antimicrobial resistance)
• Improved access to education
• Increasingly ageing population
• Increasingly proactive role of young people in society
• Increasing patient and public involvement
• Increasing human rights movements
• Increasing political prioritisation of mental health issues
• General increase in the rapidity of global development and change
• Increasing privatisation of health services
• Increasing funding for mental health