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Table 5 Logistic regression analysis of events associated with severe symptoms of IPPD, Brazil, 2017 (n = 213)

From: Implications of the clinical gestational diagnosis of ZIKV infection in the manifestation of symptoms of postpartum depression: a case-control study

Characteristics a Statistics
OR (CI 95%) P
Fear of her partner 6.17(0.50–75.30) 0.154
Clinical diagnosis of ZIKV infection during pregnancy 19.82(5.35–73.39) 0.001
Physical violence during pregnancy 0.98(0.80–12.148) 0.990
Dengue fever during pregnancy 3.74(0.42–33.23) 0.237
Emotional violence during pregnancy 1.98(0.69–5.67) 0.201
Separated or divorced in the last year 3.92(1.12–13.63) 0.032
Had an accident in the last year 1.73(0.37–8.08) 0.485
  1. OR Odds ratio, CI Confidence interval; aThe total characteristics may vary due to lack of information; Score of ≥13 in the EPDS Edinburgh postnatal depression scale