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Table 2 Dementia risk among sampled patients during the 3-year follow-up period after index healthcare utilization

From: Risk of dementia in patients with primary insomnia: a nationwide population-based case-control study

Type of sleep disorder n Persons-years dementia case Unadjusted Adjusted
HR 95% CI HR 95% CI
No insomnia 258,715 1,303,464.02 3472 1.00 (reference) 1.00 (reference)
Primary insomnia 51,745 233,853.23 1316 2.17* (2.04-2.32) 2.14* (2.01-2.29)
  1. CI confidence interval
  2. *p < 0.05 The Hazard Ratio (HR) was calculated by using the stratified Cox proportional regression method (stratified by sex, age group, and year of index healthcare use) during the 3-year follow-up period. Adjustments were made for the following selected comorbidities in the patients: diabetes, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, coronary heart disease, chronic liver disease, and chronic kidney disease