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Table 3 Intra-class coefficients (ICC) of item scores and total score of the IDEAL schedule between interviewers and silent raters (inter-rater reliability)

From: Reliability and validity of the international dementia alliance schedule for the assessment and staging of care in China

IDEAL Items ICCs (95%CI)
Activities of daily living 0.87 (0.84-0.90)
Physical health 0.72 (0.65-0.77)
Cognitive functioning 0.83 (0.79-0.86)
Behavioral and psychological symptoms 0.79 (0.75-0.83)
Social support 0.59 (0.51-0.66)
Nonprofessional care
 Time spent on care by non-professional carer 0.81 (0.77-0.85)
 Carer distress 0.84(0.80-0.87)
Professional care
 Total number of hours of professional care received 0.87 (0.83-0.89)
 Total number of hours of professional care needed 0.86 (0.83-0.89)
 Type of dementia related care needed 0.88 (0.85-0.90)
Total IDEAL score 0.93 (0.92-0.95)