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Table 1 Results of the item analysis of the Brief Reasons for Living Inventory (BRFL)

From: Brief reasons for living inventory: a psychometric investigation

  BRFL-12 BRFL-10  
Item Corrected item-total correlation Corrected item-total correlation Item difficulty
1. I am afraid of death. (BRFL-FS) .386 .353 46.6
2. My family depends upon me and needs me. (BRFL-RF) .334 .310 76.8
3. I do not want to die. (BRFL-SC) .505 .394 69.6
4. The effect on my children could be harmful. (BRFL-CC) .330 91.6
5. I love and enjoy my family too much and could net leave them. (BRFL-RF) .520 .433 79.0
6. My religious beliefs forbid it. (BRFL-MO) .316 .239 21.4
7. I want to watch my children as they grow. (BRFL-CC) .248 88.2
8. I am concerned about what others would think of me. (BRFL-SD) .394 .305 30.0
9. I consider it morally wrong. (BRFL-MO) .431 .354 36.4
10. I am afraid of the actual “act” of killing myself (the pain, blood, violence). (BRFL-FS) .385 .343 57.4
11. I would not want people to think I did not have control over my life. (BRFL-SD) .343 .337 35.6
12. I believe I can find a purpose in life, a reason to live. (BRFL-SC) .495 .359 76.6
  1. BRFL-12 Brief Reasons for Living Inventory including “child-related concerns” (n = 216), BRFL-10 Brief Reasons for Living Inventory excluding “child-related concerns” (n = 586), BRFL-FS “fear of suicide” subscale, BRFL-RF “responsibility to family” subscale, BRFL-SC “survival and coping beliefs” subscale, BRFL-CC “child-related concerns” subscale, BRFL-SD “fear of social disapproval” subscale, BRFL-MO “moral objections” subscale