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Table 2 Disability dimensions addressed by “third wave” CBT

From: Disability and recovery in schizophrenia: a systematic review of cognitive behavioral therapy interventions

ICF codes n Third wave CBT Brief ICF Core Set (n = 25)
Generic (n = 1) Mindfulness based (n = 7) Compassion based (n = 1) Acceptance based (n = 2) Person-based cognitive therapy (n = 1) Metacognitive therapy (n = 1) Recovery (n = 2)
Mental functions
Global psychosocial functions (b122)          x
Temperament and personality functions (b126)          
Mood (b1263) 1        x  
Optimism (b1265) 1   x       
Energy and drive functions (b130)          x
Attention functions (b140)          x
Emotional functions (b152)          x
Depression (b1522) 7 x x x x   x x  
Anxiety (b152) 3   x   x   x   
Anhedonia (b1520) 1   x       
Hostility (b1522) 1   x       
In general 3 x x       
Mania (b152) 1 x        
Emotional regulation (b1521) 1 x        
Perceptual function (b156) 4   x   x x x   x
Thought functions (b160) 3   x       x
Higher-level cognitive functions (b164)          x
Insight (b1644) 3 x x   x     
Sleep functions (b134)          
In general (b134) 2   x       
Experience of self and time functions (b180)          x
Activities and participation
Acquiring skills (d155)          x
Solving problems (d175)          x
Carrying out daily routine (d230)          x
Handling stress and other psychological demands (d240)          x
Looking after one’s health (d570)          x
Basic interpersonal interactions (d710)          x
Complex interpersonal interactions (d720)          x
Family relationships (d760)          x
Acquiring, keeping and terminating a job (d845)          x
Community life (d910)          x
Personal factors
Perception and experience of social support 1   x       
Satisfaction in general 2   x   x     
Self-perception (in general) 1        x  
Self-perception: self esteem 1        x  
Self-perception: self-image 1        x  
Self-efficacy 1   x       
Believes/awareness 2   x x      
Related to disability
Negative symptoms 8 x x x x   x   
Positive symptoms 7 x x x x   x   
Global psychopathology 4   x   x   x   
General psychopathology 5   x x x   x   
Global disability or global functioning 4 x x   x    x  
Social functioning 1 x        
Quality of life 2   x   x     
Wellbeing 2   x    x    
Mindfulness 6   x   x    x  
Acceptance 1     x     
Self-compassion 2    x     x  
Experiential avoidance 3   x x     x  
Cognitive fusion 1        x  
  1. n the number of articles addressing the disability dimension, x considered disability dimension