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Table 2 Participant demographics

From: Service user views of spiritual and pastoral care (chaplaincy) in NHS mental health services: a co-produced constructivist grounded theory investigation

Demographic Type Number of participants
Gender Male 17
  Female 5
Age Under 40 5
  40–59 8
  60 and over 6
Relationship to the Trust Open acute ward service user 10
  Secure^ ward service user 7
  Community service user 2
  Carer 3
Faith group Atheist 1
  Did not identify 2
  Multiple 1
  Christian (no denomination) 1
  Church of England 5
  Roman Catholic 8
  Pentecostal 2
  United Reform 1
  Born-Again 1
  1. ^Secure in this context refers to high and medium secure mental health units. It does not include psychiatric intensive care (PICU), low secure units, or prison inreach services