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Table 2 Coding tree/analytical framework

From: Barriers to the sustainability of an intervention designed to improve patient engagement within NHS mental health rehabilitation units: a qualitative study nested within a randomised controlled trial

Category Theme Data (Codes)
The challenges of working in rehabilitation units 1. The complex nature of the client group - Patients’ relationships with staff
- Difficulties engaging patients
2. Impact of inappropriate referrals of patients prematurely transferred or with longer term needs - Difficult to motivate patients
- Lack of support for staff
- Referrals of chronic patients
3. Inadequate rehabilitation-focused leadership and staffing - Lack of formal structures
- Management
- Resources
- Workload
- Staff held views on activity
Impact of the GetREAL intervention 1. Planning and reflection - Provided structure and direction
- Time management
- Coordinate and organise activities
2. External and alternative perspectives - Taking interest in patients
- Insight into patients
- Interaction with patients
- New ideas, tools and practices
3. Dissolving role boundaries - Changed work practices
- Culture of rehabilitation
- Flexibility
- attitudes
4. Collective working and responsibility - Team working
- Shared responsibility
- Change in ward atmosphere
5. Motivation - Staff confidence
- Accountability
- Prioritising activity
Barriers to Sustainability Intervention-related: - lack of information
1. Insufficient preparation - practicalities
2. Brevity of engagement with the intervention team - Length of intervention
- Top-up session
- Lack of follow up
3. Misunderstanding of the aims of the intervention - Accountability
- Staff focused versus patient focused intervention
- Not sustaining changed practices
Contextual issues: - Workload
4. resources - Staffing
5. Role boundaries - management
- rigidity
- Permission
- Defending roles and responsibilities
6. Leadership - Lack of rehabilitation focus
- Paperwork driven
- Lack of formal structures
7. Competing priorities - Low importance of activity in organisation
- External targets
  1. Note: Codes overlap between themes and are inter-related