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Table 2 Inclusion/exclusion criteria and reasoning

From: Evaluating the efficacy of a web-based self-help intervention with and without chat counseling in reducing the cocaine use of problematic cocaine users: the study protocol of a pragmatic three-arm randomized controlled trial

Inclusion criteria Reasoning
Minimum age of 18 years To ensure a minimum age for participation
Cocaine use > 3 occasions in the past 30 days To also include occasional users to provide extended study validity
Exclusion Criteria Reasoning
Participation in other psycho-social or pharmacological treatments for the reduction/cessation of cocaine use To avoid confounding treatment effects
Opioid use during the past 30 days (exception: substitution maintenance treatment for opioid dependence without heroin use in the past 30 days) To avoid confounding drug effects
Previous treatment for cardiovascular problems or apoplexy To avoid that subjects who have these health problems