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Table 1 SocialVille training exercise

From: Randomized controlled trial of computer-based treatment of social cognition in schizophrenia: the TRuSST trial protocol

Exercise Description
Affect Perception  
Name That Feeling Select the label which correctly describes the target facial affect (stills)
Face It Identify the target face within a group of faces
Match that Feeling Match the facial affect of the target face with that of an array of different faces
Voice Choice Select the label which correctly describes the target vocal affect (prosody)
Second That Emotion Match pairs of cards that express the same facial affect
Second That Intonation Match pairs of cards that express the same vocal affect (prosody)
Emotion Motion Select the label which correctly describes the target facial affect (video clips)
Emotion Motion:Flashback Memorize a sequence of facial expressions (video clips)
Social Cue Perception  
Recognition Select the target face from an array of neural faces
Face It: Flashback Memorize a sequence of faces
Gaze Cast Follow the gaze shift of a person, to track the peripheral object looked at
Gaze Match Select the target gaze from an array of gazes (irrespective of face identity)
Life Stories Answer questions regarding social cues after listening to a segmented story
Face Facts Memorize visually-presented social facts about individuals presented serially
In the Know Memorize aurally-presented social facts about individuals
Face and Name Memorize pairs of faces and names
Pragmatic Ambiguity Determine if the given conversation makes sense (visual scene)
Social Skills Choose the best way to respond during a difficult conversation
Self-Referential Style  
Mass Affect Memorize internally-generated valence labels over time
Bright Whites Identify which of two people displayed the more positive affect
Grin Hunting Select the more positive scene to detect smiles in a subsequent image
Theory of Mind  
Social Scenes Rate the likehood of people’s reactions and feelings in social situations
What Joe’s Thinking? Track a person’s gaze shift to determine if they are looking at the same object as the person in their line of view
What Happened? Determine the most likely scenario given the least amount of hints
Say What? Decide how would a person would respond in a given situation (audio scene)
Person Description Infer what someone believes based on given facts about them.
Multi-person Perspective-Taking Decide how a person will be affected by a given situation (visual scene)