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Figure 1

From: Differential roles of childhood adversities and stressful war experiences in the development of mental health symptoms in post-war adolescents in northern Uganda

Figure 1

Effect of stressful war events on avoidance symptoms, moderated by level of childhood adversities.

Note: The regression lines represent the predicted scores, based on the final linear model for avoidance symptoms. All regression coefficients were set at 0, except for SWE and ACE. Since we assume that the relation between SWE and Avoidance is moderated by ACE, we illustrate this effect by predicting scores for 1) low ACE-scores (defined as the mean ACE-score minus 1.5 SD), 2) mean ACE-scores, and 3) high ACE-scores (defined as the mean ACE-score plus 1.5 SD). SWE= Stressful War Events; ACE= Adverse Childhood Experiences.

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