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Archived Comments for: Is breakaway training effective? An audit of one medium secure unit

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  1. breakaway training. Evidence it works

    nick cox, Solution Six

    9 July 2010

    The other side to argue about the effectivness of breakaway training is how often the training is undertaken. Currently most healthcare institutions only insist on it being undertaken on a yearly basis. Should this be increased to a 6 monthly system then i would predict a rise in abilities. Could we possibly expect a person to remember a technique they learnt a year ago when also faced with many other factors. Having coached breakaway training for many years now i have always strongly argued that a six monthly refresher should be undertaken. Another point which could be viewed is the techniques themselves, a person would have a higher chance of remembering a technique which is based on their cognitive response rather than a technique which may not be based around their natural response. Having woroked as a healthcare professional for many years i can see how techniques can be forgotten but can also see how they could be made easier to remember.Fuel for thought!

    Competing interests

    Founder of training organisation which teaches the safe use of breakwaway techniques based on cognitive response
    Breakaway training