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Table 1 Content of the training

From: Improving communication and practical skills in working with inpatients who self-harm: a pre-test/post-test study of the effects of a training programme

Day 1 (full day) Day 2 (half day)
- Introduction and acquaintance - Looking back on day 1 and the period between day 1 and today
   Emotions and reactions, individually and within the team Did anything change in the participant’s feelings about self-harm patients? How did this influence the participants’ attitudes and behaviour?
   Dilemmas - Discussion of homework assignment:
- Communication about self-harm    Early intervention plan: difficulties and dilemmas
   Discussion of the art objects    Team discussion: reactions of the team. Did it lead to a collaborative approach of self-harm?
   Lay expert’s experiences - Discussion of practice situations
- Theoretical knowledge about self-harm - Role-playing to practise communication skills
- Communication and building a relationship - Evaluation and closure
   Exploring needs and alternatives for self-harm
- Communication and recognition of early signs
   Triggers of self-harm
   Early signs (thoughts, feelings, behaviours)
- Communication and cooperation
   Early intervention plan
- Evaluation and homework assignment
   Drawing up an early intervention plan with a patient
   Discussion of self-harm within the treatment team