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Table 1 Sample demographics

From: Psychiatric stigma and discrimination in South Africa: perspectives from key stakeholders

  Depression comorbid with HIV Schizophrenia- service users Maternal depression Health care service providers:
Nurses, Lay counsellors, Aux. Social workers
Sample size 15 service users with depression co-morbid with HIV+ 10 service users; 20 women diagnosed with maternal depression 10 nurses;
20 lay counsellors;
2 Auxiliary social workers
Age range 28 – 53 years 21 – 59 years 21 – 59 years Nurses: 32 – 54 years
Lay counsellors: 23 – 49 years
Auxiliary social workers: 37 and 50 years
Gender All females 6 males; 4 females All females Nurses: 9 females; 1 male
Lay counsellors: 16 females; 3 males
Auxiliary social workers: 2 females
Race All black Africans 9 black African, 1 white All black Africans All black Africans
Level of education 1 – None None-2; 15 – Primary education; Nurses: All professional nurses trained in a 4 year National Diploma in General nursing. Three nurses had received further training for Primary Health Care which made them clinicians. One nurse was trained in HIV management, Management in nursing and had a Diploma in nursing education. One nurse reported being a psychiatric nurse. One nurse was studying towards a degree in nursing and was in her final year.
7 – Primary education Primary Education-3; 2 – Secondary education;
7- Secondary education Secondary and Post-Secondary −5 3 – Tertiary education
Lay counsellors: All of the counsellors had received at least some form of counselling training from various non-governmental organisations including adherence training, HIV counselling, PMTCT and TB.
Auxiliary social workers: Both trained in auxiliary social work. One also trained in paramedics, home based care, and is a trained police reservist.
Employment status/length of employment 2 – Employed Employed-1; 4 – Employed; Nurses and lay counsellors: Work experience ranged from 2 months to 9 years.
13 – Unemployed Unemployed-8; 16 – Unemployed Auxiliary social workers: 3 years each.
  1 – Student Student-1