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Table 4 Recognition of mental disorders by physicians among patients with any mood disorder (n = 52) as evaluated by the PHQ

From: Multiple barriers against successful care provision for depressed patients in general internal medicine in a Japanese rural hospital: a cross-sectional study

Recognition by physician Clinical diagnosis by physician n % of patients with any mood disorder n % of patients with any mood disorder
Any mental disorder   31 59.6   
  Mood disorder    7 13.5
  Anxiety disorder    5a 9.6
  Alcohol-related disorder    2 3.8
  Insomnia    18a 34.6
  Dementia    1 1.9
  Other    6 11.5
  Uncategorizable    2 3.8
No mental disorder   21 40.4   
  1. Because multiple answers were allowed in the clinical psychiatric diagnosis, the total number of diagnoses was 41 and the number of diagnoses per patient was 1.32 for patients with any mood disorder. Also, the numbers for anxiety and insomnia include patients diagnosed with a mood disorder: a3.