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Table 1 Porencephaly and schizencephaly cases in the literature

From: Porencephaly and psychosis: a case report and review of the literature

   Number of cases Anatomical Damages Diagnosis
Porencephaly case Pae CU., Kim JH. 2009 1 Multiple focal leukoencephalomalacia changes in the left frontal lobe, bilateral occipital lobes and left basal ganglia, and a large porencephalic change in the right temporal lobe Psychosis
Schizencephaly cases Alexander RC et al 1997 2 unilateral schizencephaly cleft and bilateral schizencephaly cleft Psychosis
  Relan P et al 2002 1 unilateral schizencephaly cleft Bipolar Affective Disorder
Current case Douzenis et al 2009 1 a large porencephalic cyst on the left frontal and temporal lobes. Psychosis